What Can We Offer?

• No Geek Speak – You deserve to have your answers to your issues in a language you understand. We’ll make sure to keep the “geek speak” to a minimum but also educate you at the same time just in case.

• Lightning Fast Repairs – We offer a remote service as we know how important time is for you and your business. We can access your network securely so you don’t have to wait for a technician to show, however if it can’t be fixed remotely, we’ll dispatch a technician right away.

• Response Within 60 mins or less – When you contact us we’ll guarantee to answer your query within 60 minutes or less.

• Accurate Billing – Receipts are sent via email and are accurate with no hidden charges and detailed so you know what you’re paying for.  ALL charges are pre-approved by you as well.

• Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy with any of our services. We also have a No fix, No charge policy.  No hassles, no problem.